Discover the Safety Features That Come with the Toyota Tacoma

Are you looking for a midsize pickup truck? Our team at Lithia Toyota of Billings in Billings, MT recommends the Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma is a sought-after truck because it comes packed with an abundance of features. We like to keep our consumers informed about our vehicles, so we welcome you to read below to learn about a few safety features of the Tacoma.

The Tacoma comes with the Lane Departure Alert with Sway Warning System. When you are driving over 32 mph, this system will monitor for lane markings. When unintentional lane drift is detected, you will get a visual and audible alert to help you safely get back in the center of the lane.

The Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection is another safety feature that comes with the Tacoma. This feature uses an in-vehicle camera and radar to monitor for vehicles or pedestrians. When a frontal collision is detected, a visual and audible alert will warn you to apply the brakes.

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