Delight in the Toyota 86

We proudly sell the Toyota 86 at Lithia Toyota of Billings in Billings, MT. It offers exciting drives, and it catches many eyes. Today, we focus on this popular sports car's interior.

Toyota built the 86's cockpit around you. Behind the steering wheel, you can easily reach the car's touchscreen, which features Toyota's Display Audio System. This system lets you access Aha Radio's 100,000 stations. You will easily find the right tunes, talk or news for any drive you take in a Toyota 86. If you want to completely control what you hear as you drive, this system interfaces with your iPod. Additionally, you can navigate to any North American location through the Display Audio System's interface.

Within the Toyota 86's cockpit, you will notice a durable, suede-like material Toyota calls Granlux. The major automaker trimmed its sports car's interior in this fabric, and it included highly visible silver stitching. Granlux adorns 86's doors, seats, and dashboard.

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