Checking Out the Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Toyota's newest hybrid version of the classic Corolla is helping drivers save more money at the pump and enjoy a responsive driving experience at the same time. The Corolla Hybrid's features explored below are the main reasons why this efficient sedan is so wildly popular right now.

Enjoy even better fuel economy than earlier models of the Corolla with about 52 miles per gallon in the hybrid. You can still get some acceleration during your drive by engaging the power mode option. If you have driven earlier Corolla models, you will notice that the suspension is more in tune with the road in this newest hybrid because the car sits lower. Taking on turns and curves will be thrilling and safe in this sedan because of the responsive steering and well-designed suspension system.

Lithia Toyota of Billings is the best destination for you to try the Toyota Corolla Hybrid for a test drive.

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