Safety Features Packed into the New Toyota C-HR

When the team here at Lithia Toyota of Billings got delivery of the new Toyota C-HR, we thought this would be a great time to showcase a few of the safety features throughout this subcompact SUV.

The Cross-Traffic Alert feature in your new Toyota C-HR can help make driving in reverse and easier endeavor. Activated automatically as you shift into reverse, the sensors begin to scan in either direction behind your car to identify if other vehicles could be approaching your path and flash alerts for you to slow and proceed cautiously.

When you are traveling on the highway and another car has moved into either blind spot behind your vehicle, the Blind Spot Information System sends you an alert to proceed carefully. The side mirrors on the new Toyota C-HR have lights that will flash if a car has been discovered in a blind spot so you know which lane to avoid until it passes.

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