Stay Connected in the Toyota Yaris

When you're in your car driving, you need to stay connected to sports, music, and other entertainment. And you need the features that keep you in touch with essential functions and entertainment to be easy to reach. With the popular subcompact car, the Toyota Yaris, there are several technology features that keep things within easy reach.

The two USB ports with MP3 connectivity are near the steering wheel so that you can power up your smartphone and tablet or access audio files on your phone. You can also use the Bluetooth to stream music and other entertainment.

And if you like being able to keep your hands on the wheel, you'll appreciate that many of the controls are directly on the steering. Change the volume of your music or pick up a call without ever having taken a hand away from where it needs to be. The Toyota Yaris makes it simple to stay connected to the technology that you need and love.

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